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Welcome to Council Groves

Council Groves Apartments offers a unique low-income housing experience for the Missoula community by providing high-quality, safe housing in a family-oriented atmosphere.
Council Groves Apartments was established in 1970 by Missoula Catholic and Protestant clergy, Senior Citizen Center, Low Income Group for Human Treatment (L.I.G.H.T.), social activists from the U of M and other members of the Missoula community. Council Groves Apartments began with the purchase of property at 1900 to 1906 South Third West accomplished through a loan from FHA with 20% matching funds from the Diocese of Helena Catholic Charities and the forming of the “non-profit” corporation owning the property. The “non-profit” secured a forty-year federally insured HUD mortgage and a contract for Property Based Section 8. Construction on the first building was completed with the new residents arriving in the late fall of 1972.